ePub Conversion

Whether you are looking for epub conversion services, book to ebook or book to epub services, you do not need to search any further. Writers and publishers are increasingly looking towards services that involve electronic publishing, and in the process, run the risk of getting bogged down by the diverse number of websites and services in the electronic publishing universe.

But with services and expert advice from Pdf to epub, all your worries can be put to rest. Our services will take care of all your electronic publishing needs, like epub conversion services, book to ebook or epub, word to epub etc. With our services, we are committed to making the entire experience of epub conversion services easy and affordable.

So whether you are looking for conversion or formatting advice, we are there at your service. We can take care of the following epub conversion services conversions:

Type of eBooks Conversion

  • Pdf to epub
  • Scanned book to epub
  • Word to epub
  • XML to epub
  • Html to epub
  • Kindle to epub

At Trinity we work with authors and publishers and help them to format and convert text files or books into epub. While it would help if there was one standard format available for conversion, we convert our clients' books to all major formats accepted by popular online booksellers, while we keep in mind our customers' specifications.